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Delili-chan~~~~! How are you? ^_^


"Hey there, Psyche-chan!  I’m fabulous, how ‘bout yourself?"





Alright, if you aren’t aware, SyFy’s doing a show called “Heroes of Cosplay”. It’s a show about cosplay, and while that may sounds pretty awesome, I gotta feeling that it’s not gonna be awesome :/

I just read a review/preview article about it ( and one of my worst fears was made a reality.

People already calling us freaks and losers. This is one reason why I don’t want this show to exist. Not to mention, from what I’ve seen in the previews, it’s gonna be ALL about the “drama” (I gotta hunch it’s faked) and how cosplay is “Competitive business.”

And I know. There is the competitive side of cosplay. I have no problems with that. But I feel that SyFy is gonna make it out that Cosplay is all about the competitive-ness, which cosplay isn’t all about.

After all, it’s called cos-PLAY. PLAY. P.L.A.Y.

And do you know what the definition of Play is?


Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

AKA, TO HAVE FUN. Again, there is competitive cosplay, but that’s not the only thing about cosplay!!!

Look, I just got a bad feeling about this show overall. Just…Don’t watch it.

This… really disgusting. I feel mocked and just generally looked down upon as someone who exists as a “fringe” group. Which, of course, is not true. 

For my friends who have no idea what cosplay is, this article isn’t it. Cosplay is an artistic outlet, just as much as painting or writing. It’s an excuse for people with a love for sewing (or prop making, or jewelry making, or hair styling, or makeup art) to use media and techniques that they would probably never get a chance to use if they were making purely functional clothing. And, as a bonus, they get to bring a character to life.

This article is written from the point of view of a self-righteous middle-aged woman who has found something she isn’t familiar with, and therefore has decided must be “weird” (to quote: “well, all of it is weird”). She belittles us, and mocks the hundreds of dedicated hours we put into our outfits. She uses sarcasm to suggest that our work and dedication isn’t socially acceptable (“It’s not enough to go to a costume store and rent a Demon Hunter outfit? I mean, seriously. Renting is so last decade!”). 

But the real kicker comes at the end. She outright says that “we aren’t given any in-depth knowledge about what these folks do to earn a living in the real world”. To me, this sounds as though she is assuming we are bums, the equivalent of a stereotypical 90’s comic book nerd in their thirties living in their parent’s basement. 

Ma’am, many of “these folks” are highschool and college students. When not studying so we can earn a high enough living to support YOUR medicare, we enjoy having such a versatile creative outlet. Cosplaying is a hobby, and I would appreciate if you would look at it from a much less narrow minded view and see it for what it is: An art form.

reblogging because brooke added some good commentary about how terrible the article is if you’re too lazy to read it.. don’t watch the show cosplay friends.

Hi, I tracked down the email address for this lady’s editorial department I suggest everyone use the subject “Cosplayers Aren’t Confused" so that each email response they get will be noted as a deliberate response to that article. Normally I wouldn’t suggest stooping to such levels, but I know tumblr can fill their inbox with a number of better references than Syfy’s new "show."

DON’T send them hate mail. That would just make cosplayers look bad. DO send them a more appropriate insight as to why Cosplayers work the way they do and what this is all about.

If enough of us respond appropriately then they can’t ignore us. If you aren’t willing to send an email yourself then signal boost this so that others will.


"Ne, Tsu-chan… why must you be so cruel to me?"

Delic shrugged, his usual smirk vanishing for once. Gliding around Tsugaru, Delic placed both his hands on the android’s shoulders and gave him a determined stare.

"I was thinking… maybe, I could, I dunno… "

All of…

Delic’s brows perked up, and his mouth formed a small ‘o’ as Tsugaru muttered his worries.  It made sense; Delic wasn’t the most trustworthy person, considering his occupation.  Everything about being a host was fake.  Andperhaps that’s why he enjoyed it… to get away from reality, even for a small while.  Still, Delic wasn’t that cruel.  He loved teasing Tsugaru, but trick him?  No… he actually admired the android quite a lot… not like he’d ever tell him that, no way!

Giggling, he lightly patted the other alternate’s head a few times.  

"Ohhh, Tsu-chan.  You’re acting so cute, as always."

Shutting away his neon orbs, he waved his hands in front of him.

"No, no, I’m not tricking you."  His eyelids rose halfway up to gaze at Tsugaru in an almost unsettling way.  Delic was so horrible at conveying what he truly felt… all the acting he did seeped into his subconscious and played him like a puppet.

"You do always look very fresh, my dear.  But!  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to excite sweet Psychey-chan sometimes!  I mean, really… ”  He glided over to the android’s side, wrapping his arm around Tsugaru’s shoulders.  ”You both deserve some spice thrown into your life, right?  C’mon!  It’ll be fun, I promise!”


"Don’t care?! Ohh, now, Tsu-chan." Giving a small pout, Delic removed his hand from the opposite blond’s shoulder and crossed his arms.

"Aren’t I your friend? Friends care about each other! I’ll have you know, I’ve been having a most awful week, and I was hoping we…

"Ne, Tsu-chan… why must you be so cruel to me?"

Delic shrugged, his usual smirk vanishing for once.  Gliding around Tsugaru, Delic placed both his hands on the android’s shoulders and gave him a determined stare.  

"I was thinking… maybe, I could, I dunno… "

All of the sudden, Delic’s arms flew up into the air, that uncharacteristic, serious expression swapping out for a ridiculous smile.

"TAKE YOU SHOPPING!  What do you think?!  We’ll get you something nice for Psychey-chan, OH, some new clothes, some hair products, and I can take you to the spa, make you look all fresh and spectacular, and maybe we’ll get some naughty things, and PSYCHE WILL BE SO SURPRISED, WHADDYA SAY, HUH, HUH?!”

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Don’t punch him. Don’t punch him. Don’t punch him. Don’t punch him. Don’t punch him. Don’t punch him. Don’t punch him. Don’t punch him.

Tsugaru’s mouth formed a taut smile, trying his best to keep a sweet expression on his face. “…..Yes. I don’t care but it’s polite for me to ask the same thing about you.”

"Don’t care?!  Ohh, now, Tsu-chan."  Giving a small pout, Delic removed his hand from the opposite blond’s shoulder and crossed his arms.  

"Aren’t I your friend?  Friends care about each other!  I’ll have you know, I’ve been having a most awful week, and I was hoping we could hang out to brighten our spirits!"

He flashed a vibrant smile at Tsugaru, both his hands moving to his hips.


Delic’s broad shoulders bounced lighter and lighter, his sobs slowly transforming into sniffles. His hands grabbed at his lover’s golden cape like he was holding on for dear life. For someone so frail and delicate, you would’ve thought the raven wasn’t capable of…

He hadn’t realized it, but his whole body had started shaking, and his magenta eyes had grown exponentially in size.  What had he just asked?!  One of the biggest questions of his life… and he hadn’t gotten on one knee!  He had no ring!!!  

His lover uttered his name, and he found himself almost completely breathless.  Was this it?  Even after their embrace, and understanding… would he be rejected, because of a simple, yet so very complex question he couldn’t believe just fell from his mouth?  

…I…I love you too…so very much… 

Here it came… the prince’s answer.  Hibiya was visibly shaking too, probably just as much as Delic was, and the blond longed to know if it was out of joy or fear.  But, his heart was leaping out of his chest, and his mind was far too compromised to command his mouth to form words.  Delic swore, Shizuo could have thrown a vending machine straight at his face in that moment, and his expression wouldn’t have changed.  

The smile, though… Hibiya’s special smile.  

It graced the prince’s lips, and Delic’s face immediately lit up like a christmas tree.  God, did he know what that meant.  Before Hibiya could finish what he was saying, Delic hoisted the raven up, spinning him around and laughing as he squealed,

"HIBI-CHAN~!  Oh, oh, Hibi-chan~!  Really?!  Really, you mean it?!  Oh, Hibi-chan, I’ll be a good husband, I’ll be the best there is, I promise, oh, I promise~!  I’ll do everything for you, anything, I, I, I… "

Gently placing his partner back down on two feet, Delic’s breathing became erratic, tears rolling down his cheeks.  He placed both his hands on Hibiya’s shoulders, giggling a bit more as he came to a decision on what to say next… a decision that he hoped would make up for the fact that he lacked a ring.

"I love you, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!"

And with that, he pulled Hibiya into a tight embrace, chuckling and sniffling harder than he ever had in his entire life.  


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He moaned lowly, biting his bottom lip to stifle it. 

"I want you pounding your big cock into me again~" He whispered close to the blonde’s ear, kissing the tip of his nose.

"Whadya say…big boy~?"

Ah, that’s the sound he wanted to hear… and that’s the response he longed to receive.  

"Oh, ho, I-za-ya~, you’ve already grown up so much, what on earth have I done to you?”

He swept his hand over the teen’s arousal again, emitting a soft groan himself.   


He shuddered at the others husky voice, running his hands through soft blonde hair. “It’s torture when you stop~” He softly reconnected their lips again, his hips aching slightly from the added weight on top of his body.

Delic kissed the teen back with an equal softness, rolling back onto his side.  He let one hand wander across the raven’s chest and stomach, the pads of his fingers lightly tracing the slightly toned muscle and protruding bones.  ”It seems like you want something from me, but I just have no idea what it could be.”  The playboy playfully smirked as he pecked the boy’s cheek, his palm ghosting over Izaya’s most sensitive area.      


"Is that a rhetorical question, Deli-kun~?" He moved so that the blonde was laying on top of him, keeping his arms wrapped around his neck.

"Maybe…something naughty~? I think my hips can handle a little more torture~"

"Oh~, now, now, sweetheart, is my love-making really so bad that it’s tor-ture~, as you always say, that’s not very nice.”  He cooed out his response as he rolled on top of the raven, his slender fingers running through the midnight locks.  The host leaned down to whisper in the boy’s ear, “Perhaps I’ll have to deny your sexy hips, hm?  What do you think about that~?”